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“As a real estate investor, I never know what deals are going to be available when. When I need money right away to buy a new investment property I know I can always count on Hardmoneygo to get me the money I need really quickly. So far I have used them on several occasions over the last 4 years to cash out of my existing properties. The money I got I used to purchase a new property one time and the other times I used it to renovate my exiting properties. The best part about everything was almost everything is done online.”

Tom G.

Real Estate Investor, Culver CIty

“The level of attention I received from Hard Money Go was tremendous. Within 2 days of sending in my complete application, my assigned agent gave me a call and informed me that because of the equity in the property I could be approved for a loan within 2 weeks. After several failed attempts with other companies I did not think this was possible. My representative provided me three options that I could choose from based on the amount of time I wanted the loan for. After sending in my final paperwork, I was approved for the loan. I definitely recommend Hard Money Go to any investor who needs capital for their investments.”

Lisa D.

Asset Manager, East Los Angeles

“Honestly when people say they have had mortgage experiences, I cannot relate. After having my old hard money interest rate rise on me from my old hard money lender I needed a solution to lower my mortgage payments. After looking online for a reputable hard money company, I got in contact with hardmoneygo. From the beginning the process was different. They only had a basic application and a few documents that I had to send over. After that my representative contacted me and said I was approved. Not believing I had really been approved that fast, I called in one more time to verify that I had in fact really been approved.”

Bryan K.

Real Estate Consultant, Granada Hills

“The hard money loan process was easier than I imagined. Considering I have bad credit, I did not think I could get approved, let alone for such a low rate. I am so happy to have been approved because the money I got I used to purchase my second investment property, which helped me increase my income. I would really like to extend my thank you’s to the staff at hardmoneygo.”

Jeremiah A.

Real Estate Investor, Crenshaw

“The whole hard money loan process was smoother than any loan I have ever applied for. Limited paperwork, great customer service and quick turnaround = My type lender.”

Jennifer R.

Investment Manager, West Hills

“I was pleasantly surprised to find out I had been approved for the hard money loan. I needed to refinance my existing mortgage which I got approved for and subsequently I applied for a purchase loan for a new investment my company was going to buy. Throughout the whole process I was kept aware and updated, which made me very happy.”

Daniel H.

Finance Director, San Diego

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