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Lending Policy


hard money lending policyHard money go was created to satisfy the financial needs of real estate investors which include having access to capital when they need it the most. In a quest to meet the evolving needs of investors, our company provides property owners and investors with bad credit the required capital to grow their investments.

We base our qualification decision based on the equity of the property or its future potential. Rather than ask applicant’s to supply our firm with endless paperwork, only to be denied, we only require basic documents to get qualified for a loan.

We understand the unique challenges of the current real estate market. As values have been rising, investors look to our hard money loan programs to assist them in cashing out to buy new investments or refinance their existing ones.

As a hard money lender, we do not operate under the same rules and conditions of traditional banks. We do not deny borrowers simply because of a missed payment or bad credit.

Let our hard money programs get you the money you need to fuel your future. Whether you have been denied a loan from a traditional lender or are on a deadline and can’t get approved for a loan fast enough, let us know your financial needs and we can provide you with a decision within 2 business days. Because we do not use the same standard guidelines as most banks, we are free to operate under the approval conditions which our company sets forth every quarter.

The main qualification for a hard money loan is the ability of the borrower to pay back the loan and the level of equity of the property the borrower is using as collateral for the loan. Unlike traditional banks which are saddled with punitive standards that make it nearly impossible to qualify for loans in today’s market, our hard money programs were created to deliver capital to investors to fast.

Allow our 12 plus years providing hard money loans in California to help you get approved for a loan even when you thought it was not possible.

hard money lending companyHard money go does not base its decision to qualify a borrower for a loan based on the credit score of the borrower. We understand the difficult economic conditions of the market and recognize that many investors credit suffered as a result of the recession making it nearly impossible for them to get a loan.

Our loan programs were created to meet the needs of the current market and allow borrowers to get a loan even with bad credit.

Where traditional lenders focus all their attention on a borrower’s credit score, we base our decision to qualify based on the property the borrower is using as collateral and the equity on the property. We will not deny a borrower simply because they have medical bills or one late payment.

Our 12 plus years as the largest hard money lender in California has proven that there is a way for investors to get approved for loans even with bad credit.

In a world where common sense has been taken over by strict computer like qualification standards, Hard Money Go has remained true to our initial commitment of funding loans for real estate investors fast.

All of our hard money programs were created with common sense in mind-that it is if you have the equity and can afford to make mortgage payments you will be qualified. We invite you to see the difference by getting a loan decision within 2 business days.